Transportation Guide for Families

Transportation services that are available to families vary by school, and by each child’s eligibility for those services. Speak with your school if you have questions about the available options.


  • MetroCards are distributed by your school for use on MTA subways & non-express buses
  • Stop-to-School Transportation picks up and drops off students at designated bus stops
  • Curb-to-School Transportation is arranged to meet a student’s particular needs 


  • MetroCards: Live greater than one-half (1/2) mile from school 
  • Stop-to-School Transportation: Depends on grade-based distance requirements
  • Curb-to-School Transportation: Need an IEP listing transportation accommodations 

Students who are Temporarily Housed (including Homeless and Foster Care)

  • Students in temporary housing in grades K-6 (or 7-8 with an IEP but no recommendation for transportation) are eligible for busing to school
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are entitled to receive a MetroCard (distributed by your child’s school) to accompany your child to and from school
  • Speak to your shelter staff or the DOE's Regional Manager for more information on the process:


  • Ensure all emergency contact information is kept up to date
  • Update your school with any changes to residency or living arrangements
  • Know your bus stop, and arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time



Summer School

Weather Emergency

  • Our weather emergency procedures, created with the NYPD, Fire Department, and NYC Emergency Management, are available at 

Transportation Reminders

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