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How Students Get Offers

How to Apply: Grade by Grade

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  • EarlyLearn

    Free or low-cost child care and education provided through the DOE for children from 6 weeks to 2 years old. If you qualify, your child can begin a program any time during the year.

  • Head Start

    Safe, positive learning environments for children ages 3-4 to learn, to play, and build the skills that get them ready for kindergarten and beyond.

  • 3-K

    Apply to free, full-day 3-K programs the year your child turns 3.

  • Pre-K

    Apply to pre-K programs the year your child turns 4. There is a pre-K seat for every 4-year-old NYC resident.

  • Kindergarten

    Your child will enter kindergarten in the calendar year they turn 5. Apply even if your child is a current pre-K student.

  • Gifted and Talented

    In the school year before your child's kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade year, sign your child up to take the G&T test.

  • Middle School

    Apply during your child’s 5th grade year (or 6th grade for students in K-6 schools).

  • High School

    Apply during your child's 8th or (first-time) 9th grade year.

  • Specialized High Schools

    During your child's 8th or (first-time) 9th grade year, register to audition and/or test to apply to the Specialized High Schools.

  • Diversity in Admissions

    Schools across New York City were invited to participate in a pilot initiative to increase diversity within their schools. Learn about the participating schools and initiatives for each grade level.

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