Vaccine Fundraiser

New York City wants to partner with Parent Associations and Parent Teacher Associations (PAs/PTAs) to encourage families to get vaccinated! 

Participating PAs/PTAs can receive a $100 bonus for each vaccine eligible community member who receives the safe COVID vaccine at a City-run site or in-home. 

Sign up! 

Get the Referral Benefit

To receive the vaccine referral benefit, community members must request an appointment slot on the NYC Appointment Scheduler.  When you register for an appointments, on the Personal Information section, you will be asked "Were you referred for your vaccination by an organization as part of the NYC Vaccine Referral Bonus Program?" Indicate your PA/PTA in the box so that your PA/PTA will receive the $100 bonus. 

  • Community members will not receive any direct payment under this program. The PA/PTA who referred them will receive $100 for every referral, up to $20,000. 
  • The individual’s personal information is not shared with the organization. 
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