Student Opportunities

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Elementary and Middle Schools

Participate in a FREE program about history and the arts!

Deadline: February 3, 2021 
Event: February 4-June 2021
Contact: Chelsea Lewkow
Encourage your teacher to apply now to be part of History by Design: NYC Edition, a program for grades 3-8 teachers and their students aimed at exploring the hidden voices of lesser known figures in NYC’s history. Classes will go on three live virtual field trips to museums, conduct research, and then create and present a museum exhibit of what they’ve learned. Participation is free. Learn more and ask your teacher to apply today.

High Schools

The Lawyer Connection Club

Deadline: February 6, 2021
Event: Ongoing
Contact: Kayla Nicholas
Join like-minded high school students in exploring careers in law, government, and politics. The Lawyer Connection Club meets once a week via Google Meets and features guest speakers who have already established themselves in legal careers. There will be opportunities to ask questions and receive advice on how to get your start. Participating students will gain knowledge on higher education, interview skills, applying for jobs, and the lifestyles of those in the professions they’re interested in. The club is free of charge and there are numerous leadership and engagement opportunities available. Learn more and apply.

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