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Middle School

Register for 2021-22 NYC Junior Ambassadors Virtual Classroom
Deadline: December 31, 2021
January-June 2022
Contact: Christie Saint-Vil/212-319-9300
The NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs is accepting applications for the 2021-22 NYC Junior Ambassadors program, an initiative empowering students in grade 7 in all five boroughs to become actively engaged with the United Nations (UN) and its mission of addressing pressing challenges around the world. Program benefits include personalized virtual tours of the UN; a classroom visit from a UN diplomat and NYC agency senior-leader; opportunities to collaborate with the UN or NYC agencies on new or existing projects; professional development and in-depth guidance on digital activism for educators; and a private year-end virtual celebration with all NYC Junior Ambassadors classrooms. Learn more and apply on the NYC Junior Ambassadors website

Middle and High School

The 24 (ish) Hour Plays: NYC Teens
Deadline: January 5, 2022
Event: January 9- January 22, 2022
Co-hosted by Irondale’s Young Company and SheNYC Arts, The 24(ish) Hour Plays is a festival of one-act plays written by teen playwrights throughout a fortnight; and is rehearsed and produced by teen performers, directors, and technicians in 12 hours. Students may participate as writers, directors, actors, or technicians. All participants will meet virtually on January 9, contribute in person to the production of the one-act plays on January 22, and receive digital copies of the complete collection of plays after the event. No previous experience is required. Learn more and register for The 24(ish) Hour Plays on the Irondale website

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