Transfer Schools Guide

If you are 16–21 years old, and have dropped out of high school or fallen behind on credits, you can enroll in a transfer school to earn your diploma. Generally, admission to a transfer school depends on two things:

  • How old you are; and
  • How many credits you have.

That being said, many transfer schools are flexible about who they admit. Eligibility criteria helps match you with schools where you are likely to do well, but it does not guarantee admission. It also does not prohibit you from applying to a school just because you do not meet their eligibility requirements. How you will connect with the school's culture and programming is equally important. 

You are not excluded from any of the transfer school categories below. The categories simply help outline your options. Also, the categories are not ranked.

Category 1: I'm behind on credits

Category 2: I'm very behind on credits

Category 3: I'm learning English

Category 4: I'm behind on credits and interested in special programming

Some of these schools offer special programming, like portfolio-based assessments, evening classes, or externships.

Category 5: I have never been to high school

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