Education Councils

Education Councils are part of New York City's school governance structure. There is a Community Education Council (CEC) for every community school district. There are also four Citywide Councils:

  1. the Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS)
  2. the Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE)
  3. the Citywide Council on English Language Learners (CCELL)
  4. the Citywide Council for D75 (CCD75)

New York City's Community and Citywide Education Councils are charged with promoting student achievement, advising and commenting on educational policies, and providing input to the chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy.

Guidance on Public Meetings and School Visits

School Leadership Teams (SLTs) and Citywide/Community Education Councils (CCECs) are essential elements of our educational governance structure and ensure collaborative decision- making in school-level and district-level policy. The Guidance on Public Meetings and School Visits explains how SLT and CCEC meetings can be conducted in accordance with recent changes in law and vaccination mandates.

Contact the Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE)

The Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) is responsible for developing and supporting parent governance structures in New York City. You may contact FACE at or 212-374-1936.

Information for Current Members

All Education Council members must commit to attend each meeting of their council. Three or more unexcused absences (as defined in Chancellor's Regulation D-140) are grounds for dismissal:

Key Statutes and Regulations

There are many Chancellor’s Regulations that impact the work of Education Council members. The key regulations are:

The sections of New York State Law that are relevant to the operation of NYC Education Councils are:

  • NYS Education Law Art. 52, §2590-b, c, e, h, l
  • Public Officers Law, Art. 6, § 84-90 (FOIL)
  • Public Officers Law, Art. 7 § 100-111 (Open Meetings Law, see also the Committee on Open Government website)
  • Law of General Construction, § 41 (Quorum and Majority)

Relevant sections of these laws and regulations are also included in the CCEC Guide, which can be obtained at the New Members’ Orientation or from your council’s administrative assistant.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of council members:

Currently Available Council Seats

Occasionally, members resign and councils have vacant seats. For councils to function at their highest level, it is important that they have a full membership. If you are interested in filling a vacant seat on your district CEC or a Citywide Council, we urge you to attend one or more meetings and speak with members to familiarize yourself with what the council does.

Applications are available to fill a vacancy on a council as a Parent Member, Borough President Appointee, or Public Advocate Appointee for the 2019-2021 term.

High school students who are interested in filling the non-voting student member seat should download an application .

For questions about vacancies, please email or call 212-374-1936.

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