Career Development for Teachers

Teacher Career Pathways 

The NYC Department of Education and United Federation of Teachers (UFT) hold a common belief that by extending educators’ skills beyond their individual classrooms, teachers can be powerful levers of change in their school communities.  

Teacher Career Pathways is a strategic approach in teacher leadership. It increases access to highly effective teaching, supports student achievement, promotes teacher retention, and provides development opportunities for teachers to continually build their instructional practice. 

Teacher Leader Roles within Teacher Career Pathways 

Model Teachers are highly skilled educators with a passion and drive to improve the instructional quality of their schools. By extending their impact as teachers and lead learners in their school communities, Model Teachers promote local effective instructional practices that are beneficial for diverse groups of students. They also create a welcoming environment within their lab classroom for other teachers to reflect, grow, and continuously explore innovative instructional strategies. 

Peer Collaborative Teachers are highly skilled educators committed to improve the instructional quality of their schools. As lead learners, Peer Collaborative Teachers promote local effective instructional practices that are beneficial for diverse groups of students. They support their colleagues through focused coaching, inter-visitations and by designing meaningful opportunities for professional growth. 

If you are a current NYC public school teacher, visit the Teacher Career Pathways section of the Employee InfoHub for more information on roles, impact, the application cycle and the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter to stay connected.

Discover Our Impact

Over 4,500 educators have responded and reflected on their Teacher Career Pathways experience. Our research has confirmed that: teachers who work with teacher leaders agree that their instructional practice has improved; teacher leaders have increased collaborative behaviors with colleagues; principals are highly satisfied with the impact their teacher leaders have had on their school communities.

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