NYC School Survey

What is the NYC School Survey?

Each year, all parents, teachers, and students in grades 6–12, take the NYC School Survey. The survey is aligned to the DOE's Framework for Great Schools. It is designed to collect information about each school's ability to support student success.

How is the Survey information used?

School leaders use feedback from the survey to reflect and make improvements to schools and programs. Survey results are also used to help measure school quality.

Where can I find current Survey results?

The 2019 NYC School Survey results are available in the School Quality Guide under the "NYC School Survey Results and Quality Review" tab:

This online School Quality Guide replaces the NYC School Survey PDFs that were used to report survey results in prior years.

Where can I access all 2019 Survey data?

Where can I find survey data from previous years?

Where can I find data on test scores, graduation rates and enrollment for all NYC public schools?

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