Specialized Transportation

Specialized Transportation is also sometimes called: 

  • door-to-door busing
  • special education busing

What is It?

In addition to the driver, specialized Transportation provides an attendant on the bus.

Why is It Given?

An IEP team may recommend specialized transportation for children whose needs affect their ability to travel to or from school. These needs can be:

  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive
  • Physical

If specialized transportation is recommended on your child's IEP, he or she will be placed on a bus route to and from your child's home.

Additional Transportation Accommodations

Some children may require additional transportation accommodations to travel safely to and from school. These can include:

  • Paraprofessionals
  • Medical/nursing services
  • Travel time limitations
  • Climate control (air conditioning)
  • Safety vests
  • Car seats

Request Transportation Accommodations

If you believe your child may need transportation accommodations, tell the IEP team. You may be asked to provide medical documentation, such as:

  • Authorization for Release of Medical Information Pursuant to HIPAA
    • This is completed and signed by you.
  • Request for Medical Accommodations
    • This is completed and signed by your child’s doctor. It must explain the need for door-to-door busing and any other medical accommodations your child may need

Additional Documentation

If you would like the IEP team to consider additional documentation, you should provide them as far in advance of the IEP meeting as possible. These can include current:

  • Medical examinations
  • Medical summaries
  • Treatment recommendations

These documents are in addition to the ones the school requests, not instead of them.

What's Next?

Your materials may be reviewed by a doctor with the Office of School Health (OSH). The doctor will make a recommendation to the IEP team before the meeting, and may recommend changes to the original recommendation. The OSH doctor may participate in your child's IEP meeting for the part of the meeting in which transportation accommodations are being discussed.

If your child's IEP team determines that your child requires specialized transportation, the type of accommodation(s) required will be added to the IEP.

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