NYC Graduate Profile

The NYC Graduate Profile will be a shared vision for what student achievement looks like for every graduate of NYC public schools. The purpose of the Graduate Profile is to create a framework that will make sure we are all working toward the same goals in every classroom, school, and district.

Since Chancellor Richard Carranza arrived in April 2018, the Department of Education has been asking educators, parents, students, and community leaders what they envision an New York City graduate to look like. We've heard from thousands of New Yorkers so far, and we want to engage thousands more to make sure the unified vision of an NYC graduate is one that we build together.  

We Want Your Feedback

We’re asking New Yorkers to spend some time giving us feedback and helping us prioritize some of the ideas that we have heard most often.  

Please fill out the NYC Graduate Profile survey, below, to provide your feedback on the NYC Graduate Profile. It asks about the knowledge, skills, and experiences you think a NYC graduate should have, giving you choices to check off the top three characteristics you think are important. Your answers will help us shape the final version of the graduate profile, which we will complete by the end of this school year and launch in the fall. The survey is available in all languages.

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